Tablecloths for
all tastes

The tablecloth is like a dress.

Each of us has our own taste for color and pattern. Delicate for a minimal, rustic taste or for a country style.

You will find many sizes to adapt to what you are looking for!!

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From the small 90x90 table centerpiece, to the runner, classic sizes such as 140x180 for a table for 6 people and one for 8 people, but also the classic round one. Instead, if you have a table with extra dimensions, we have for you the maximum size that reaches
350 cm in length for 14 people.
You will find stain-resistant resin tablecloths with digital printing, excellent for the summer seasons and for spending unforgettable days with friends and a nice barbecue in the open air. To clean: simple! Wipe with a damp sponge and the stain disappears.
Pure cotton tablecloth from Bottaro, a historic company recognized for its quality and with firm roots here in the Veneto. Renowned throughout Italy for excellent workmanship and lines of modern and always original patterns. The tablecloths are finished and embellished down to the smallest details. They can be washed up to 50 degrees in the washing machine.

Gobelin,very resistant fabric.
Each tablecloth and cushions are made by the Italian company
which follows the entire production; from the initial design to the realization itself with modern frames.

The fabric has a dense weave of threads, which when intertwined enhance the design itself. Resistant and structured to the touch, very easy to wash.

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So, we fell in love with hand-painted Venetian ceramics

Since I was a child, I too have always been attracted to local and made in Italy products, which tell their own story and maintain their uniqueness and have their own artisanal identity.