Keramikland has been managed by the Canella family for two generations

Keramikland is a family business with more than thirty years of activity, founded by my father Franco Canella in 1984.

He opened his first shop in Montegrotto Terme (PD) selling hand-painted Venetian ceramics and local craft items such as tablecloths.

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After ten years of activity he decided to open a second shop in Abano Terme, the two shops have become points of reference in the spa area.

I, Miriam, the eldest daughter, have helped in the family business since I was little.

I still remember how, as a child, I accompanied my father to the various factories to buy Bassano ceramics. We left in this immense van, so high that I felt like I was flying.

Once we got there, while my father chatted with the owner and made purchases with the utmost enthusiasm. I wandered among the painters, who painted the various plates and vases. With all speed I greeted the workers cooking these immense ovens more than two meters long.

Then I sat next to the ladies who were weaving baskets with fresh clay, which in the future would become fruit holders; while I made small objects, which they would then put in the oven. The following week I would return again to discover my little work of art, which from dark brown would become an opaque white, the so-called "biscuit".

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So, we fell in love with hand-painted Venetian ceramics

Since I was a child, I too have always been attracted to local and made in Italy products, which tell their own story and maintain their uniqueness and have their own artisanal identity.

In addition to hand-painted ceramics

You can find: tablecloths, cushions, souvenirs and more for the table. Local and Italian craftsmanship.

A family story!